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Vinyl Warranty

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Premium Luxury Vinyl – 10 Year Warranty

A 10 year warranty on manufacturing defects and covering early wear due to normal use

1. Manufacturing defects are misprints, stripes, errors on the back which are visible on the top,
irregularities which are visible upon delivery.
2. The warranty is valid if the recognised installation and maintenance instructions have been followed
and carried out professionally.
3. The warranty is valid for the first qualities only.
4. The warranty is not valid for the results of neglect, misuse by soap, detergents, chemicals and
corrosive substances or stains from paints, rubber soles and mats, fertilisers, coal, tar, oil or other
similar materials.
5. The warranty is not valid if the top layer has been damaged by sharp objects, burns, cuts or
abnormal loads.
6. The warranty is not valid if there is fading or distortion due to extreme heat or water damage
by floods or leaking appliances.
7. The 10 year warranty for this vinyl range covers the purchase value of the product with a yearly
depreciation of 10% of the original value. This warranty does not cover the installation
costs or any other additional costs.
8. The warranty is valid for the first buyer provided that the original invoice can be presented.

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